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2023 End of Year Deadlines

November 08, 2023

In the midst of the 4th quarter, there are several end of year items to consider when it comes to your finances.  Below is a list of considerations along with our Terra Blue deadlines.

End of Year Deadlines Graphic

  • Make sure you are on track to max fund your work-sponsored retirement accounts before 12/31. 

  • Ensure that you are on track to use any FSA funds prior to year end as those plans are typically “use it or lose it” plans. 

  • Pay attention to your benefit enrollment deadlines if applicable, it is enrollment season! 

  • Consider if a Roth Conversion makes sense for you for 2023.  Conversions need to be completed prior to yearend. 

  • Charitable Contributions – whether opening a Donor Advised Fund or gifting appreciated stock, these should be completed prior to year-end for 2023 tax year. 

  • RMDs- If you are subject to RMDs, make sure you are on track to complete these prior to year-end. 

  • HSA Contributions – work with your CPA to see if you qualify

Here is a list of processing deadlines to keep in mind.  Note that these deadlines are specific to Terra Blue Wealth Management.  

Terra Blue Wealth Management Deadlines Infographic

  • Establishing a new Donor Advised Fund- December 1 

  • 401k employee contributions- December 24
    • as long as a valid bank is on file and linked to the account
  • Stock donations – December 15 

  • Roth Conversions- December 15 

  • RMD requests – December 15
    • Note that we will also be reaching out to you ahead of this deadline if applicable

Although this may not consider all deadlines, this should give you a general list of dates to consider. 

Thank you!