Amplifying the Female Voice: Lessons from Diana Nyad

February 29, 2024

I was privileged to hear Diana Nyad as a keynote speaker at Commonwealth Women’s Summit last year.  When the Netflix movie that was based on her book “Find a Way” came out, I was eager to watch it.

I am inspired by this woman's journey and determination to do the seemingly impossible - to swim 53 hours, 110 miles from Florida to Cuba at the age of 64.

As a nation, as a planet, we are facing monumental challenges.  The female perspective, traditionally not the dominant voice in the spheres of power and influence, is poised to be amplified in the coming decade.

In 2023, three female-led megahits--the “Barbie” movie, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour (and their respective concert films)--broke records and upended assumptions in what the bank UBS, dubbed as the “Summer of Women.”1

The flow of trillions of dollars into women’s hands is a trend being driven mostly by demographics. Women now control about a third — or $10 trillion — of total U.S. household assets, according to McKinsey. Thirty percent more of married women were making financial and investment decisions by 2020 compared to five years earlier.1

I am not suggesting that women will take the place of men in shaping our world; rather we are striving for a more balanced sharing of influence.  A perspective shaped by our differences, when combined, can only lead to better outcomes for more people. 

Together, we will “Find a Way.” Diana’s overreaching message is to “never give up.” This optimism is essential to the task at hand.

1The Washington Post, “The Wealth Transfer from baby boomers mostly benefits women” 1/16/2024