Better Support and Higher Productivity: Our Office is Implementing a Four Day Work Week

February 23, 2023

As we move into this new year, a primary theme comes to mind: that of health and wellbeing. We have been focused on creating a healthy company, making impactful changes to our business practices, our investments, our clients, and community. It is now time for us to push the envelope further from within our own office. To that end, we are joining the 4 Day Week Global movement by implementing a company wide Monday-Thursday work week.

Numerous studies have shown that a shorter work week can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction among employees. In fact, a study conducted by Perpetual Guardian in New Zealand (monitored by academics at the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology) found engagement levels rose 30-40%, and work-life balance metrics rose by 44%. A Microsoft Japan experiment resulted in a 40% increase in productivity. As you can see, a reduced work week has been shown to improve mental health and work-life balance for employees, which translates to higher quality work and better service for our clients.

We understand that you rely on our team for critical financial advice and support, and we want to assure you that this transition will not impact the high level of service you have come to expect from us. Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and meeting your needs during our new operating hours. In case of emergencies, clients with NFS/Commonwealth accounts can always receive prompt service from the help desk by calling 800-237-0080.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are committed to continuing to provide the same excellent support that you have come to expect from us, and we believe that this transition will ultimately benefit both our team and our clients.

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust.


The Terra Blue Team