YourStake, YourStory Podcast with Maureen Maguire and Vanessa Jilot

April 05, 2023

In this episode of Your Stake Your Story, we are joined by Maureen Maguire, CFP, AIF, and Vanessa Jilot, CFP, CRPC, the founders of Terra Blue Wealth Management, an ESG-only wealth management firm. 

Together they discuss how they met and founded Terra Blue, how they look at ESG investing, the role of activism and politics in investing, and share their experiences serving clients across wide generation gaps to accomplish the same goal: protect the planet, and have a strong financial future.

In this episode, Gabe, Vanessa, and Maureen discuss:

  • How Maureen and Vanessa tackle ESG investing with different generations of clients
  • How social justice and activism are core to their work
  • Debunking the ESG performance myth
  • How values-based investing is emerging as a component of their practice

About YourStake Your Story:

The YourStake, YourStory podcast is designed to amplify voices in the financial industry who are leading the charge for socially responsible investing practices.

Each episode, we are joined by experts in the field to hear their stories about what brought them into the industry, why they are passionate about ESG and values-based investing, and much more.



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