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Andrea Jilot

Andrea Jilot

Engagement Ambassador

I joined Terra Blue Wealth Management because I want to be part of a team that advocates for a better world. I am new to finance but could not be more thrilled to have joined my sister Vanessa, Maureen, and Candi on this venture to make a true difference.

I graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor's degree in international business. What fascinated me the most in my business studies was the interaction between commerce and society. While studying in Spain, I tracked how several Spanish businesses treated their employees, the environment, and their communities. What I found was the companies that cultivated an enriched vocational terrain, engaged in more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and gave back to their communities generally showed higher profit margins and more sustainable business models. I am excited to learn more about investment opportunities in companies like the ones I studied.

I am quickly learning just how powerful financial planning is. I believe the difference that Terra Blue Wealth Management strives to make for its communities is outstanding. The stories each client has to tell and the financial pathways that were created are heartwarming. I also deeply appreciate Maureen's and Vanessa's commitment to engaging with our communities outside the office.