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Andrea Jilot

Andrea Jilot

Engagement Ambassador

I bring a distinct perspective to Terra Blue, making me a natural addition to the team as the Education and Engagement Ambassador. As the first point of contact, I receive all incoming inquiries, shepherd onboarding, plan events, deploy public communications, maintain the website, and assist the team where needed.

I grew up in West Marin and graduated with a degree in International Business from Texas State University. I have navigated the vibrant tech scenes of Austin, Barcelona, and San Francisco through diverse experiences in e-commerce, AI implementation, and hospitality. This journey has cultivated my passion for user experience design, marketing, research, development, and a strong commitment to ESG values as a certified B-Corp. Since Terra Blue's inception in 2020, my role has evolved in tandem with the company's growth, shifting from client service to spearheading new client management and public relations through education and engagement.

Financial planning is turning out to be a lot more powerful than I ever imagined. The difference that Terra Blue Wealth Management aims to make for its communities is just incredible. The stories our clients share and the financial journeys we create are truly heartwarming, as well as Maureen's and Vanessa's dedication to community engagement beyond the office.

In my personal life, I find solace in spending time with my dog Lego while enjoying the beauty of the bay area, and traveling whenever I can. If you know of or are hosting any events or shows in the bay area - please let me know! I'd absolutely love to attend or get Terra Blue involved.

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Terra Blue Wealth Management team on this adventure to make a real difference.