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welcome to the terra blue family!

We are so excited to work with you! Thank you for giving us this opportunity. We have plenty to go over, so let's jump in.

who to talk to

Vanessa Jilot

Vanessa Jilot, CFP®, CRPC®

Co-founder, Wealth Manager

Maureen Maguire

Maureen Maguire, CFP®, AIF®

Co-founder, Wealth Manager

Candi Jones

Candi Jones

Practice Manager

Andrea Jilot

Andrea Jilot

Engagement Ambassador

Your advisor stands as your primary source of guidance. However, our commitment to your financial success extends beyond the expertise of a single individual. Our adept team of professionals, meticulously trained and well-versed in a multitude of financial disciplines, stands readily available as your first point of contact. We will ensure that your financial journey benefits from a comprehensive and holistic approach. With your advisor at the helm and our proficient staff working in concert, you can be confident that you are accessing a wealth of knowledge and insights, all aimed at steering you towards your desired financial destination.

client service

For all questions pertaining to your accounts, billing, scheduling, and general client service, please email


For inquiries related to events, distribution, or if you'd like to introduce us to someone from your network, please use

Client Portal

Investor360 Logo

Our client portal is called Investor360. Depending on our client relationship, you will have access to the following resources:

financial planning

  • Secure Messaging
  • Secure Document Sharing
  • Account Aggregation (we'll explain)
  • RightCapital Financial Planning Software

assets under management

All Financial Planning Resources +

  • View Accounts
  • Download Statements & Tax Docs

account aggregation

Investor360 provides a way to view all of your financial accounts in one place. This is called Account Aggregation. If you are a financial planning client, we heavily rely on the information Investor360 provides us via intraday feed of all of your outside accounts including investment, banking, loan, credit card, insurance accounts, and real estate. In order to provide that feed, you will need to aggregate your accounts.

For full instructions on how to do this, please view our Resource Guide (PDF) or Instructional Videos.

your meeting timeline

We will soon be scheduling your first official client meeting. Depending on our client relationship, we will meet two to four times to complete onboarding you as a client. Once onboarding is complete, you will move to a quarterly meeting schedule for your first year. Our client review sessions occur in the middle month of each quarter: February, May, August, November. If anything urgent comes up that requires a meeting outside of regular client review months, additional meetings may be booked. Please bookmark our scheduling page here. Note that we will provide a separate scheduling link for onboarding.